Terms and conditions

Article 1. Definitions
1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:
A. Finally Fit, Multifunctional training studio for small group training, located at the second oosterparkstraat to 85 Amsterdam, hereinafter referred to as Finally Fit.
B. sportsman, the athlete that after signing the membership agreement, participates in the group training, offered by Finally Fit, hereinafter referred to as member.
Article 2. Conditions
2.1 these terms and conditions apply to all services offered by Finally Fit.
2.2 Finally Fit is entitled the membership conditions applicable at all times. The modified rules take one calendar month following publication, unless a different legal term is required.
2.3 If a member do not wish to accept adverse changes for him, he can terminate its membership with effect from the date on which the new conditions take effect. The cancellation must be in writing before the commencement date of the change by Finally Fit to have been received.
Article 3. Membership
3.1 the Member is familiar with the contract with which he enters into membership as of the effective date, as it listed and sign is on the membership agreement.
3.2 membership is strictly personal.
3.3 Finally Fit reserves the right to ask for identification when registering new members.
3.4 The Member may participate during the hours of operation to the workouts, if these are included in the chosen membership. More information about the types of memberships can be found at http://www.finallyfit.nl article 4. Membership fees
4.1 the membership fee monthly by the Member must be paid in advance. If chosen for an in-a-time-payment must the amount on signing of the agreement to be paid by the Member.
4.2 the membership fee should be made by means of a debit to the account of Finally Fit to the account number NLINGB.
4.3 by accepting the membership agreement the Member also agree to the monthly direct payment carried out by Finally Fit. The Member is solely responsible for this permission and after registration and confirmation are membership agreement of a written signature.
4.4 when the Member with valid reasons abandons a direct debit, the Member must there itself to ensure that no later than the 28th of the previous month on the amount to be paid is transferred to the account number of Finally Fit.
4.5 in the event of late payment is the Member in default without further notice. In that case Finally Fit the Member the right to refuse access and participation in training until his debt is met.
4.6 the Member can in no case be entitled to a refund of membership fees.
4.7 all prices include VAT and are subject to sales tax changes.
4.8 Finally has the power to Fit within the reasonable price changes to take effect. Finally Fit the Member will inform in advance, stating the reason and the opportunity to cancel the membership.
Article 5. Termination or dissolution membership
5.1 if the Member's membership is not one calendar month before the date of expiry of the initial contract term cancel, in writing or via info@finallyfit.nl membership is automatically renewed monthly after the expired contract for an indefinite period and is subject to a notice period of one calendar month.
5.2 Finally Fit may dissolve the membership agreement without notice or communication if: A. the Member not to its payment obligations;
B. In case of bankruptcy, (provisional) suspension of payments, debt restructuring or incapacity of the Member;
C. If the Member does not comply with House rules (see article 10);
D. If the Member access was denied, or denied.
5.3 At dissolution of the agreement are all terms for the remainder of the membership due and payable.
Article 6. Suspension (cessation)
6.1 In case of a long term illness, injury, pregnancy or (serious) injury may with the written permission of Finally Fit membership temporarily, up to a maximum of six months, be suspended.
6.2 suspension is possible only after providing a medical certificate or other proof to the satisfaction of Finally Fit properly.
6.3 suspension of membership may never retrospectively.
6.4 the liability of the Member is suspended for the actual duration of the suspension. The end date of the membership agreement will be extended by the duration of the actual suspension.
Article 7. Hours of operation and training
7.1 Finally Fit shall be responsible for the training studio.
7.2 Finally Fit all or part of the training to change (permanently).
7.3 Finally Fit the hours of operation of (or parts of) the training studio to change temporarily or permanently.
7.4 Finally Fit the training studio for necessary maintenance work. The Member is not entitled to a refund of membership fees.
7.5 Finally Fit will introduce, where appropriate and within its possibilities try to replacement training.
7.6 When, for whatever reason, Finally Fit no sports facilities can provide, the Member agrees that he is satisfied with a workout in for the purpose suitable public space.
Article 8. Personal data and privacy policy
8.1 the Member is aware that he/she is Fit to Finally provide certain personal data, such as name, age, address and e-mail address.
8.2 the Member should changes in the personal situation, such as addresses, in writing.
8.3 If the Member agrees to these terms and conditions, he/she Finally Fit consent to the processing of his/her personal data in connection with the use, for commercial purposes, of Finally Fit. Any processing of personal data by Finally Fit happens in accordance with the personal data protection Act (WBP).
Finally Fit all data of the Member upon written request of the Member.
8.4 the Member grants by agreeing to these terms and conditions to Finally agree to Fit to the Member offers from Finally Fit to send by e-mail and otherwise.
Article 9. Liability
9.1 Finally Fit is not liable for any injury or accident, save in the case of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Finally Fit.
9.2 each Member is responsible for his personal belongings. The Member is advised to ensure itself to. Nor Finally Fit, nor his employees, can be held liable for loss, damage or theft of goods.
Article 10. House rules
10.1 the Member is familiar with the House rules used by Finally Fit and is obliged to comply with them. These House rules are present in the training studio.
10.2 Finally Fit may at any time refuse or deny access to persons whose behavior justified.
Article 11. Final provisions
11.1 On all Finally Fit closed membership agreements is governed by Dutch law.
11.2 Agreements between the Member and Finally Fit can only be entered into in writing and can only be changed or be cancelled in writing.
11.3 When one of the above provisions be invalid or illegal, the remaining provisions shall apply.

-General conditions Finally Fit version: 01-04-2017-

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